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Happiness accompanies you, "feather" walks with you
Release time:2021-12-17 10:06:03
On December 11, 2021, the "Vesa technology" cup badminton competition hosted by the trade union committee of the drainage company and sponsored by Hunan vesa Technology Co., Ltd. ended perfectly.


Peng Zheng, general branch secretary and general manager of the drainage company, and Chai Shenzhou, general manager of Vesa technology company, were invited to participate in the event. More than 30 employees from both companies participated in the competition. Before the competition, Chai Shenzhou said that he was "very happy to participate in this activity with the comrades of the drainage company of the water group, and I hope everyone can live and work happily", which laid the tone of the friendly competition of "happiness first and competition second" for the whole competition.

The competition adopts the "no feather Lun ratio" competition system. All participants are evenly divided into the "elite group" and the "powerful group". The group leader reasonably matches and carefully arranges the array. Two players are sent to fight in each game, and the doubles duel is conducted to accumulate the final score of the whole team to determine the victory or defeat. The activity not only reflected the players' technical skills, but also tested the team's ability to arrange troops and arrange arrays, unity and cooperation.

On the field, the players are full of energy and enthusiasm, not only the tacit cooperation of experienced and experienced veterans, but also the full "fight" of young players. Inside the court, the players fought bravely by blocking in front, smashing vigorously, hanging the ball lightly and defending back in the back court. Outside, the audience cheered and cheered sometimes, and sometimes closed their hearts. Cheers and cheers were heard all the time. After wonderful competition, the "elite group" won the championship.


Healthy and upward sports life is an important part of enriching employees' cultural life. This friendship activity built a platform for employees to exchange and display, expand interests and establish friendship, passed the health concept of happy life and happy work to employees, and effectively promoted the harmonious development of corporate culture.